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The Ibanez TSA5 combo guitar amplifier gives you real tube tone with the distortion and overdrive of a TS9 Tube Screamer pedal. A perfect marriage of the TS9's super-popular stompbox-style distortion with an all-tube amp (complete with a genuine Celestion speaker), the TSA5 combo amp lets you dial in legendary overdrive tone right out of the box. What's more, this super-portable 5-watt combo delivers this tone at the perfect volume for small venues, rehearsing, and recording, making the Ibanez TSA5 one impressively versatile guitar amplifier.


  • Wonderful-sounding all-tube 1 x 10" combo guitar amplifier with classic Tube Screamer tone onboard 
  • Small and portable 5-watt tube guitar amplifier that gives you large tube-amp sound at reasonable levels 
  • A great combo guitar amplifier for recording, rehearsing, and playing smaller venues 
  • The combination of a 12AX7-driven preamp and a 6V6-driven power amp sounds amazing 
  • A genuine 10" Celestion speaker puts the finishing touch on this amp's classic tube-amp tone 
  • Optional IFS2G footswitch (not included) lets you toggle the Tube Screamer circuit