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The Marshall MG102CFX guitar amplifier combo gives you four storable channels of fantastic Marshall tone and plenty of power for the stage! The 100-watt MG102CFX 2 x 12" combo includes four switchable channels and a 3-band EQ. It also features a 2-button footswitch, power amp damping, a switchable effects loop, and a line-in for music players. This amp is excellent at emulating the response and sound of a tube amp, and it works great for your live and studio applications alike. Speaker-emulating headphone and line outputs are built right into the MG102CFX combo.


  • 100 watts 
  • 2 x 12" speakers 
  • 4 storable channels 
  • Digital effects and digital reverb 
  • Line-in for MP3 and other music players 
  • Headphone-out/line-out with speaker emulation 
  • External effects loop 
  • Power-amp damping 
  • 2-button footswitch included