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W. HEUER is a well-established music firm with a proud tradition of service excellence, supplying South Africa with the widest range of musical instruments available.


W. HEUER was established in 1955, selling and servicing pianos. From these seemingly humble beginnings grew an organization which today is not only renowned for its piano trade, but all musical instruments, instrument parts, sheet music and the largest piano restoring factory in Africa.


The following chronicle dates back to 1910 and contains all significant events in the company's history up to this day.



The founder of W. HEUER, Johannes Wolfgang Willy Friedlieb Heuer was born in Kiel, Germany.


At the start of the Second World War Wolfgang Heuer becomes part of an infantry in the German Army.


Wolfgang is wounded at Stalingrad and is hospitalized in Bruno, Republic Of Czech, where he meets his future bride.



The second world war ended and Wolfgang started to do piano repairs at his own workshop in Hamburg.



Mr & Mrs Heuer (snr) and their two children arrive in the Cape Town harbour. Mr Heuer (snr) became an employee of piano dealer R Muller and also Darters in Cape Town as workshop Foreman until 1955.



On the 9th of August the music firm W. HEUER is established and is run from Mr & Mrs Heuer's home in Stellenbosch. This is how the family business started. Mr Heuer (snr) sold & serviced pianos on a mobile basis while Mrs Heuer assisted in Piano repair work at home.


The first new pianos ("Jehle") are imported from West Germany.


Upon own initiative, the first "Sperrhake" harpsichords and spinets were imported and sold country wide.




For the first time in South Africa, "Orff" percussion instruments were introduced to South African schools by Mrs Heuer.



Hans, the third child of Mr & Mrs Heuer (snr) is born.



The first Yamaha pianos is imported from Japan. Ulla, the fourth child of Mr & Mrs Heuer is born.



The electronic organ trade is introduced.



Wolfgang Heuer (jnr) receives further training at two prestigious piano factories in Germany. The famous Yamaha Electone/Keyboard festival is hosted by

W.HEUER to promote music amongst all South Africans.

Wolfgang Heuer (jnr) completes his piano building course at his fathers' piano workshop.


Two plots of land c/o Dennesig & Bird Street in Stellenbosch is bought by Mr Heuer (snr). This was the first step to the fulfillment of a life-long dream: The creation of his own "MUSIKHAUS" (Directly translated: Music House).



Walter Heuer, son of Wolfgang Heuer (jnr) is born.



The piano workshop flourishes beyond expectation and grows to be the largest of its kind in South Africa.

DURING THE 80's & 90's 


During August, the company celebrates its 25th anniversary and hosts a festive concert at he Stellenbosch Conservatory. W. HEUER now became the largest suppliers of orchestral percussion instruments all Cape Province, Free State and South West African (Namibia) schools.

On the 1st of September, the first Cape Town store is opened in the Golden Acre , under management of Mr Derek Sale.



The first portable Yamaha keyboard is imported.


The International Musik Messe in Franfurt is attended annually to view the latest developments in the music field.



Hans Heuer receives his BCOM degree at the University Of Stellenbosch and becomes a permanent member of the family business. From this year W. HEUER participates in the Design For Living show at the Good Hope center in Cape Town. A large amount of products is presented and demonstrated at this show.



W. HEUER becomes the leading supplier of educational instruments in South Africa, thanks to the initiative of Mrs E Heuer.



On the 4th of January Mrs E Heuer, right hand and companion of Mr Heuer (snr) passed away.



During December the building contract for Musikhaus is signed, thus brining the family dream another step closer to fulfillment.

Hans-Werner, son of Hans Heuer is born on 5 August.



The biggest moment arrives as Mr Heuer (snr) sows the first soil for the Musikhaus building.

On the 26th of March Mr W Heuer (snr), founder of W. HEUER, passed away at the age of 83.

On the 14th of September a 117-year old antique piano is elevated into the big grand piano shaped arch of Musikhaus, as a symbol for all the Heuer generations to follow.

On the 22nd of September 1993 the big moment arrived: The administrator of Cape Town, Mr Kobus Meiring, announce the grand opening of Musikhaus W. HEUER during a glamorous evening event with more than a special 120 guests. The first music is echoed from the beautiful Musikhaus display hall walls by famous South African performers. On the 23rd of September 1993 the doors of Musikhaus is opened for the public and an immediate foretaste of success with the sale of five pianos!

On the 24th of September the second W. HEUER branch store is opened in the new Somerset Mall Shopping Centre, in Somerset West.



The first Music Laboratory System for keyboard training is sold and installed at the Good Hope College in Khayelitsha.



On the 2nd of May the third W. HEUER branch store is opened at South Africa's most glamorous shopping mall, Cavendish Square in Claremont. During this year, Musikhaus W. HEUER continuos to inspire people. In a magazine article in the famous DE KAT magazine they called Musikhaus "'n Kasteel Vir Klaviere" (Translated : "A Castle For Pianos").



On the 20th of June Rudick Rudolf Heuer, son of Hans Heuer is born.

Musikhaus W.Heuer supplies the Namibian Defence Force band with new instruments, successfully delivered to Windhoek by Mr. W.Heuer.



Walter Heuer, son of Mr. W.Heuer joins the company initiating the 5th generation in this family business.




The new millenium constitutes a move of our Cavindish Square Shop across the road to Cavindish Place. In this year our company celebrates 45 years of business in South Africa.


Sole importers to the innovative 21st Century WENDL & LUNG accoustic pianos. (Austria "know how")



We celebrate our 50th anniversary - 50 years of business in South Africa. Importing and installing 2 new aristocratic BÖSENDORFER 280 Concert Grands in the Endle Hall of the University of Stellenbosch.



We import our first container of WENDL & LUNG pianos from Vienna.



We celebrate our 60th anniversary



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